Plone to be featured at Europython 2012

Talks by Maurizio Delmonte and Érico Andrei featuring the Plone CMS will be presented at this year's EuroPython, in Florence, Italy; and Finland-based Devaus Oy will be providing networking while also promoting Plone.

EuroPython is the most important European conference for Python language. It attracts hundreds of developers and passionate people, providing a week full of interesting sessions and discussions about the Python language and its applications. Plone is one of the most important and widespread Python based open source projects out there, and EuroPython is the right place to mix the Plone and Python communities for fun and profit.

For those interested in history; before there were Plone Conferences, Symposiums or even the Plone Foundation, EuroPython was the meeting place for our community. The first time Alan Runyan and Alexander Limi met was at EuroPython 2002 when they introduced the first release of Plone.

Maurizio Delmonte will be making two presentations -

Content Management professionale con Python nel 2012
(Professional Content Management with Python in 2012)
if you need to enable an editorial staff to work together publishing contents in a complex portal, Plone can be the pythonic tool you're looking for. How to build a professional and powerful content and document management service in 2012? let's see what we can do with Python today.

Non solo Django: MVC orientato ai contenuti con Plone e Zope Toolkit
(Not only Django: content oriented MVC with Plone and Zope)
Many Python developers are not aware of MVC features in Plone, is this related to the fact that MVC is not easy/obvious enough to grasp it? this talk will try to solve the main doubts and quickly provide a good overall of what Plone is: content type and views will be secrets no more. With Plone and a good initial "push", developing intranet, extranet and content centered services will be fun.

Érico Andrei will present -

How Brazil is building a digital nation with open source and Python
Over the last decade Brazilian government embraced open source and Python for its online initiatives, but being a very decentralized organization with loose guidelines regarding technology definition, it is an example of how collaboration happens despite barriers lack of coordination. This talk will cover major success cases like:

  •, the main hub for the Brazilian e-gov initiative. Built with Plone CMS and maintained by a team of over 70 people – journalists, developers, designers and integrators.
  • Interlegis program, an initiative to provide system automation, using Django, Zope and Plone, to more than 200 legislative houses through the country.
  • Electoral Justice with an unified web presence approach for all 28 instances.

Also this talk will explain how organizations within the government collaborate with each using their lower decks.

Finland-based networking and hosting company Devaus Oy - will provide the wired, and wireless network at EuroPython.  Devaus Oy is well known to the Plone community for generously providing critical parts of the development and testing architecture which keep Plone moving forward.  You can find out more about the Europython network by visiting  this page.

There is still time to sign up for EuroPython. Grab and ticket and show up to help promote Plone at this important event.