One month to World Plone Day, it's time to register your event

Seven countries on four continents have already registered at least one event for World Plone Day at

Some events already have a full program and promise a great event. Check here the list of events:

If you plan to hold an event and not added your event yet to the time is now. Even if you don’t have a full schedule, you can register your event now and make changes once you have more information.

To do this, simply create a page for your event in the host folder and send it for publication.

Many people think that they need to be a member of the Plone Foundation or a Plone core developer in order to hold an event. But this is not necessary. Any person, company, user group or organization can hold an event. You just need to have a place, a presentation about Plone and at least one person in the audience.

For more information and questions about the World Plone Day and how to organize an event please see our FAQ: