T. Kim Nguyen and Rob Porter are the Newest Members of the Plone Foundation.

The Plone Foundation Board of Directors has announced the selection of T. Kim Nguyen and Rob Porter as the newest members of the Plone Foundation.

T. Kim Nguyen has been the principal proponent for Plone at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh since 2004, succeeding in leading its adoption as the official campus CMS there - which hosts over 250 websites and intranets.  He co-chairs PloneEDU, and has been a tireless advocate of creating and sharing tools that help educational institutions evaluate and adopt Plone - such as the PloneEDU buildout and the (proposed) open PloneEdu hosting/evaluation service.  He is one of the leads in the revamping of the PloneEDU website and moving of that site's hosting to UW Oshkosh - and is currently managing the the annual Plone Symposium, which will move to Oshkosh in 2013 as the Plone Symposium Midwest. A well-known speaker at Plone events, he has given talks on rolling out Plone to a campus, and presented talks on PloneEDU collaboration and implementing campus intranets at the recent Plone Symposium East 2012.

Rob Porter is well-known in the Plone educational community as a prolific developer and founding member of the Weblion team at Penn State University.  He wrote or helped write many important Plone products, including collective.responsivetheme, ContentWellPortlets, CSSManager, and FacultyStaffDirectory.  He's a prolific contributor to Plone's documentation, a speaker at Plone events, and part of the PloneEDU team.  He is currently involved in the revamping of the PloneEDU website - specifically its content and theming. And as a helpful presence on the #plone IRC channel, Rob was the first runner up the the 2009 Plone IRC Superstar Contest, which recognized individuals who made huge contributions to this critical support channel.  As the people judging the contest noted "We especially appreciate how he answers some of the most frequently asked questions in a cheerful and welcoming way."

The Foundation is happy to welcome Kim and Rob as their newest members.

The Plone Foundation is the organization formed in 2004 to serve as a supporting organization for Plone and its community. Members of the Foundation are chosen by the Foundation's Membership Committee on the basis of merit - specifically that they have made significant, enduring contributions which benefit the general Plone community. (The membership guidelines are available here.)