Plone Conference Teams Up with Fair Trade Arnhem

Alliance makes for a more fair and sustainable conference.

We are pleased to announce that Fair Trade Arnhem joined us in making this year's Plone Conference more sustainable and fair. Some of the food you eat and most of the beverages you drink during the conference are Fair Trade approved.

Fair Trade is a worldwide organization that promotes food and drinks through fair trading. They make sure farmers and other suppliers receive a fair price for what they deliver. Especially in underdeveloped countries it is the best way to achieve prosperity and abandon poverty.

During the conference, the presence of Fair Trade will be visible through flags, banners, an information desk and, of course, food and drinks. The decision to make the conference a joint operation is in line with the philosophy of Four Digits as a company: ever since we started this business corporate social responsibility was an important issue.

Not only does Fair Trade help us with the food and drinks, they also organize a charity event during the second day of the training (October 9th) in the conference venue. The money they raise will be donated to farmers in Nicaragua. It is going to be an 'MTV unplugged' type of event. Local musicians like Bandera Latina, Caracola and Pink Circus are among the line up. For only € 22.50 you can be part of this special event.

If you want we can order a ticket for you. It's a nice break after a day of training and you support a good cause at the same time.

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