Plone Conference 2012 Adopts Plone Code of Conduct

The Plone conference in Arnhem will embrace the code of conduct, which was recently adopted by the Plone Foundation board of directors. By doing so, we guarantee a safe and healthy environment for everybody; man, woman, black and white. Our message: have fun, interact but keep it nice.

The Plone community is open-minded and therefore friendly to everybody. Nevertheless, we applaud the initiative to come up with a code. By having such a document today, we can prevent problems in the future. Without pointing fingers, there are similar communities who had to deal with harassment of members - particularly at events.

So what is it all about? Simple: we do not tolerate harassment or bullying online or offline in any way. Pretty straightforward, isn't it?  We don't care how you look, what you do for fun or where you were born. Being a Plone enthusiast is good enough for us. The code of conduct describes penalties and consequences to offenders but we are convinced we do not have to use them. If you play nice, then we won't pull rank. :)

On this page you will find the complete code of conduct.