Many Training Options Offered Prior to the Arnhem Plone Conference

Several Plone-related courses are scheduled in the days leading up to the Arnhem Plone Conference. Check out the offerings and see which one is your best fit.

Prior to the conference we will offer two days of intensive Plone training, giving attendees a chance to improve their developer skills and extend their knowledge of Plone related topics. If you plan to stay for the whole week of the conference, why not book a training?

If you take a look at the training page, you will find a number of interesting and challenging options to choose from. One example: "Administering Your Box" by Paul Roeland, which is a practical course about how to set up and maintain your deployment machines. The course provides an entire day of training and costs only 200 euro.

Another great training is provided by Eric Brehault, on "How to create custom applications with Plomino." Students will learn how to build and maintain a Plomino application to cover specific business needs. In this two-day course you will gain new skills with Plomino, formulas, access rights and much more. Brehault knows his stuff. He is developer and team leader at Makina Corpus.

We encourage you to take full advantage of your stay in Arnhem by not only attending the conference but also the training. There are nine training classes to choose from - so we are sure at least one suits everyone's needs. Please visit the training page and enroll today.

For your convenience, here is an overview of all the training sessions prior to the conference:

Administering Your Plone Box
Hosted by: Paul Roeland

Plone Webmaster Training
Hosted by: Fred van Dijk

Mastering Plone

Hosted by: Philip Bauer and Patrick Gerken

Use Diazo to create your Plone design
Hosted by: Encolpe DEGOUTE

Managing Agile Plone Projects
Hosted by: Sally Kleinfeldt

Getting Started with Plone Hosting on Amazon EC2
Hosted by Cris Ewing, Sally Kleinfeldt

Plone for Integrators

Hosted by: Fabiano Weimar dos Santos

Create custom applications with Plomino
Hosted by: Eric Brehault