Plone is a Finalist in 2011 Open Source Awards - Take a Moment to Vote!

The 2011 Open Source awards held by Packt Publishing are now in the voting stage. If you're a user or fan of Plone - make sure you register your vote.

Plone is once again one of the finalists in the annual Open Source Awards held by Packt Publishing.

Sharing the Open Source CMS category with Drupal, Joomla, mojoPortal and SilverStripe; Plone is also open to votes in the Open Source CMS subcategories for

  • Best Open Source CMS for performance
  • Best CMS for Best Community
  • Best CMS for Ease of Use

These subcategories are new, and those interested in casting votes for Plone in them will need to do so separately from the main CMS category.

Voting closes on October 31, immediately before the start of this year's Plone Conference in San Francisco, so make sure you cast your vote today!

Plone won the award for Best Other Open Source CMS in both 2008 and 2009, before Packt condensed the awards structure to recognize all Open Source CMS projects in one category.

How to vote

  1. Click here, vote for Plone in the CMS category, then
  2. Click here and add Plone in the Performance, Community and Ease of Use categories (put “N/A” & “” in the .NET category unless you have a favorite).

Thank you!