April 15th Plone Tune-Up - Helping Get Plone 3.3.6 Out the Door

In addition to being the most hated and feared day in the United States, Friday, April 15th (Tax Day) is also the date of the next Plone Tune-Up. In order to help get version 3.3.6 of Plone ready for release, this month's Tune-Up will focus on issues blocking this important release.

Plone 3 release manager Alan Hoey will be tagging the important test-related issues which are holding up the release of 3.3.6 so that those in the tuneup can work on resolving them. 

Plone Tune-Ups are regularly-scheduled one-day mini-sprints where members of the Plone Community from around the globe come together online to grab some outstanding tickets from the Plone Trac system and help move Plone forward.

Tune-Ups offer an excellent environment for new developers to get started with Plone development and understand the process used by the community for identifying, tracking, and resolving issues with Plone. Development experts from the community are available online during these events to provide help and answer questions. Tune-Ups also offer structured time where established developers can spend a couple of hours picking out and resolving important tickets. Tickets for each Tune-Up are tagged as to level of difficulty and relative time needed to resolve them, making choosing the right tickets to work on a straightforward process.

As of April 15th, Plone Tune-Ups will be moving to a monthly schedule to simplify planning for those who want to be involved.  Future Tune-Ups will be held on the third Friday of each month.

The Tune-Up format and events were the brainchild of Plone development and hosting company Six Feet Up, and April 15th marks the 44rd Tune-Up since the first event was held in 2009.  Tune-Ups have been responsible for closing over 300 tickets in that time.

You can find out all about Plone Tune-Ups by visiting the Plone Tune-Up Network, which will provide all the information you need to get started with this important work.