2011 Plone Conference coming to San Francisco, CA - November 3-6

Training will be November 1-2. Main conference days are November 3-6. Sprints start on the evening of November 6 and go until November 8.

The 2011 Plone Conference will be held at the San Francisco State University downtown campus November 3-6. The last day of the conference will be a half day of conference, including a brunch, and half day of sprint preparation. This will give those who aren't sprinting extra time to travel and sprinters extra time to coordinate and group up. Training will be November 1-2 and sprints will be November 6-8.

There are hundreds of hotels and hostels in the downtown San Francisco area. For those that need to plan right away, please see this map to get an idea of the location.  We recommend flying into SFO and staying downtown. It is not advised to rent a car. We are currently working with a travel agent who will help coordinate group flights and visas.

Tickets will be $300 for early bird rates and $350 for full ticket price. Speakers will get a discount at $275 and students will be able to snag a seat at $225. Unlike previous years, we will NOT be catering any food except for a brunch on Sunday. There is a full food court in the basement in addition to hundreds of restaurants and food stands within a 1 mile radius of the venue. Not catering allows us keep the price down and helps you keep your stomach happier. Don't worry! We will still have coffee, snacks, and plenty of water coolers for chatting around. That price includes a "celebration" on Saturday night in traditional Plone style.

In addition to the standard Plone tracks, we will also be having a "related technologies" track, with heavy emphasis on Pyramid and WSGI application development. There will be training available for this as well. A full track of open space talks will occur throughout the conference, and lightening talks to start and end each day.

On top of all that nerdy bang for your buck, there will be coordinated activities for family and friends of Ploners who will be travelling as well in the form of a "Better Half" track.  San Francisco is a great experience for the whole family, and we are doing what we can to make this years conference especially friendly for travelling partners.

Tickets will go on sale June 1st, and we will have a conference website and full details very soon. Please note that conference attendance will be limited to 400 people due to very strict city fire laws so start planning now.

Thanks for your patience, and we look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!