Plone on the road: it's ContènTOUR

A one-day-conference on tour in Italy! It's free and it's totally Open.


ContènTOUR is coming for its 2nd edition this year: Abstract Open Solutions (Plone Open Garden 2011), Red Turtle and Biodec have worked together to spread the Open Source all over the Italy.

A one-day-conference about free code: above all the Plone

CMS and its development. 

Open technology for everyone... and it's free!

Next stop is Bologna, Italy to the Hotel Savoy on May 30th.
Then we'll travel in Rome on September  28th ( further details about the planning will be online soon).

Subscription is totally free: complete the form here and be part of our Open Trip ( subscription is required, please fill the form if you need a seat pew).

Do you need further information?

Please send us an email and we will give you a copy of our press release!