Plone Foundation Selects Four New Members

Thomas Desvenain, Vincent Fretin, Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker and Elizabeth Leddy chosen as Foundation members

The Plone Foundation Board of Directors has announced the selection of four new members of the Foundation.

The new members are:

  • Thomas Desvenain of Ecreall in Lille, France
  • Vincent Fretin of Ecreall in Lille, France
  • Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker of Six Feet Up in Fortville, Indiana (USA)
  • Elizabeth Leddy from San Francisco, California (USA)

The Plone Foundation is the organization formed in 2004 to serve as a supporting organization for Plone and its community. Members of the Foundation are chosen by the Foundation's Membership Committee on the basis of merit - specifically that they have made significant, enduring contributions which benefit the general Plone community.

The Foundation is happy to welcome Thomas, Vincent, Gabrielle and Elizabeth as members!