Meet the Plone Editorial Team

The news column on the front page of has long been a place where the public and Plone community comes to find out the latest information about Plone.

We're happy to announce that a brand new group of writers and editors located around the world has stepped up to help make that news more up-to-date and global.  The new Plone Editorial Team will oversee the writing and  approval of news on as part of our overall efforts to better market and communicate about our favorite CMS.

The members of the Editorial Team are:

Jules Allen

Jules is a founding member of the Plone Foundation and a Zope fan since the late 90's. He was a formerly a journalist who focused on explaining open source and the then nascent World Wide Web to a non-technical audience. He's been a sysadmin, code monkey, art director, cartoonist, typographer, and can still kern a mean headline. He has held C-level positions with a number of software companies and communications firms where he sneakily introduced open source products unbeknownst to the grown ups.

Mark Corum

Mark works at the University of Virginia, where he is involved in web development, design and instruction. His background includes marketing for some of America's largest companies, dozens of political campaigns, and stints as a journalist, script doctor, research engineer, political consultant, brand manager and graphic designer.  He has lead the marketing and communication team of the Plone Foundation since 2008 and was twice a member of the Board of Directors (2009-2010 and 2010-2011).

Jorge Gonçalves

A Portuguese journalist, with also a degree in Computer Science, had for some time a weekly radio program about IT, has helped launch "Portugal Virtual" the very first local internet on-line magazine, back in 1995 (yeah, not Plone yet those days, only pure old HTML... ;-) ). Currently living and working in Brazil, works with Zope and Plone since 2003, mainly to help create intranets and manage documents.

Gustav Franzsen

Upfront Systems
Have been using Zope and Plone since beginning of the millenium. Have always been associated with Upfront Systems in Stellenbosch, South Africa. I present Plone (User and Administrator) training and do some content management. I am a Plone user not a developer ... :)

Jean Jordaan

Jean has been working on Zope and Plone websites for about ten years, with a few excursions as technical writer.  Badly named methods, inconsistent variable names, and poorly written docstrings makes him sad.  He likes Sphinx docs, but usually ends up reading the reStructuredText source.  He is a serial submitter of patches to READMEs.

Sally Kleinfeldt

Jazkarta - USA
My interests and experience include data and content management, information retrieval, computer aided design, environmental conservation, scientific visualization, and GIS. I have a Ph.D. in biology and love creating Plone applications that make scientists more productive. At Jazkarta I specialize in the education and science sectors and direct our training and support services.

Rose Pruyne

Weblion / PloneEDU - USA
Rose Pruyne has designed, developed, and administered Web sites and Web applications since 1995. She currently is responsible for Penn State’s Dairy and Animal Science Web site and related projects. Rose is part of the WebLion Plone documentation team.

Saba Resnick

Brokerjet - Slovenia
Saba works part time at Brokerjet, an e-brokerage house, in marketing department and part time as a writer for Slovenian entrepreneurship web site. She has a Bachelors Degree in marketing and is now doing Masters at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics.

Jon Stahl

Jon Stahl is current a graduate student in Public Administration at the Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington. Previously, he worked at Groundwire, who have launched over 170 Plone sites, hosted Plone Conference 2006 and made many contributions to Plone. Jon has served three terms on the Plone Foundation board of directors, as secretary in 2007-2008 & 2010-2011 and president in 2008-2009.

Rijk Stofberg

Upfront Systems
Programming since 1995, I eventually found my way to python, zope and plone via Roche Compaan and Jean Jordaan at Upfront Systems. I have worked in small, medium and large corporations in the telecommunication, financial, agricultural, fresh produce, backup/ disaster recovery and content management domains. During the past 15 years I have occupied positions as systems analyst, designer and developer. Projects like Siyavula, Connexions, TARMI and Fullmarks are currently my pride and joy, because I want to be involved in projects and communities that actually make a difference.

If you are interested in getting involved as a member of the communications team, please drop an email to We're actively looking for new members, particularly in areas of the globe which have not been represented in the past.