Plone a Hit at the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC)

The Plone Foundation's booth at the NTC Science Fair drew a lot of attention at the recent Nonprofit Technology Conference sponsored by NTEN in Washington, DC.

Plone was represented in the booth by Chris Johnson of ifPeople, Carol Ganz of Six Feet Up and Plone Foundation president Calvin Hendryx-Parker, also of Six Feet Up. The trio spent five continuous hours demonstrating Plone and answering questions from interested attendees.

The Plone booth saw a steady stream of people representing organizations who were in the process of choosing from the many Content Management System options on the market today.  The Idealware report comparing Plone, Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal was being handed out at their booth, and many of the folks visiting the Plone booth were already carrying a copy. To many of them, Plone was a new option - and for some it was the first chance they had had to actually get hands-on with the latest version of Plone.

The Science Fair format worked well for those presenting booths.  For those picturing high-schoolers with posters, model rockets and hamsters - the Science Fair was something very different.  Instead of competing with sessions and networking opportunities, the organizers had the foresight to make the Science Fair a day where the vendor booths were the sole focus of the conference.  This gave attendees interested in finding out more about products the chance to actually learn about them without having to be worrying about what they were missing.