Kudo Bounty Program Celebrates First Project Results

The Kudo Bounty Program, unveiled by the Plone communications team just a month ago, has just seen its first successful projects completed.

Today we are rolling out a brand new header and navigation bar for  Plone.org, a system allowing event banners to be easily updated, and a standalone development server where new additions to Plone.org can be tested and approved before moving to the production servers.

The new header and navigation bar was implemented by Chrissy Wainwright of Indiana-based Six Feet Up.  In addition to better branding for the site, the new toolbar facilitates some upcoming changes to site navigation, gets rid of an issue with the names of logged-in users overwriting navigation links, and generally provides some cleanup to the top of the plone.org pages.

The new events banner system was implemented by David Glick of Seattle's Groundwire.  This system will allow the communications team to rapidly switch out the event banners on the front page of plone.org, helping keep it current and relevant.  Utilizing the Carousel banner system developed by Groundwire, the new banners offer control and customization we've long needed.

The new development server for plone.org was set up by Myroslav Opyr of Quintagroup, located in Lviv, Ukraine.  Its creation means developers can test out additions and updates to plone.org in an environment as close as possible to the actual server, but without compromising the security, accessibility or stablility of the actual site.

Each of these individuals' companies will receive one month of visibility on the front page of plone.org as a thank you for their work in the form of a company logo linked to their website.

One of the goals of this program from its conception was that it would promote collaboration and involvement across the community - and the results have been outstanding.  Not only are real, visible changes taking place, the folks handing the bounties have engaged collaborators to get things done. The new theme changes included design work by Iain Claridge of Netsight and Mark Corum of the University of Virginia; the implementation of the development server was helped by the efforts of Alex Clark of ACLARK.NET, LLC and the folks at Six Feet Up, among many others.

"Bounty Missions offer a great way to contribute to the success of Plone while getting some visibility. Hopefully this first round of work will encourage more contributions from other Plone supporters", stated Six Feet Up CEO Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker.

You can find out more about the Bounty program, and how you can get involved by visiting the program overview page.