Carol Ganz, Alan Hoey and Héctor Velarde chosen as Plone Foundation members

The Plone Foundation Board of Directors has announced the selection of Carol Ganz, Alan Hoey and Héctor Velarde as the newest members of the Plone Foundation.

Carol Ganz works for Indianapolis-based Six Feet Up.  She has been overseeing Plone Tune-ups since 2010 and has frequently represented Plone at events as an evangelist - including NTEN and OSCON in 2011. She's been heavily involved in Plone Marketing for the last 3 years, and was involved in creating many of the reference guides, giveaways. and documents which are used to evangelize Plone.

Alan Hoey works for Team Rubber in Bristol, UK.  He is the Plone 3.3 Release Manager, and has been a frequent attendee of Plone conferences, including Naples, Washington DC, Budapest and Bristol - as well as many sprints.  He's an active contributor to many add-on packages such as, ZopeSkel, collective.recipe.funkload,, borg.localrole, and teamrubber.theoracle.  Alan is also a member of the Plone Security Team and the discoverer of several Plone vulnerabilities which he helped fix.

Héctor Velarde is a freelance professional located in Mexico. He has contributed code and translations since 2005 and has coordinated the activities of the Mexican Plone Users Group (which he co-founded in 2008) since 2010.  He helped organize the 2011 Plone Symposium South America.  Projects he has contributed to include TagCloud, ATGoogleVideo, nitf4plone, collective.nitf, collective.atomsyndication, collective.newsticker and collective.upload.  His package translations into Spanish include collective.disqus, cioppino.twothumbs and

The Plone Foundation is the organization formed in 2004 to serve as a supporting organization for Plone and its community. Members of the Foundation are chosen by the Foundation's Membership Committee on the basis of merit - specifically that they have made significant, enduring contributions which benefit the general Plone community.

The Foundation is happy to welcome Carol, Alan and Héctor as our newest members.