2011 Plone Conference Adopts Anti-Harassment Policy

The organisers of the 2011 Plone Conference are dedicated to a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, therefore we are pleased to announce the adoption of a comprehensive anti-harassment policy.

The full policy can be found at our website at: http://ploneconf.org/legal/anti-harassment-policy

The adoption of this policy has been in the works for several weeks, but in light of recent events at OSCON, and publicity around the matter from O’Reilly, we felt that it was important to take advantage of the attention being given to the matter at this time.  We feel that this policy is not simply a token gesture, delivered to satisfy a  perceived requirement of conference organizers, but instead goes to the core of both our personal beliefs and the beliefs of the community as a whole.

If individuals choose to disregard the policy and act in an inappropriate manner at our conference, the matter will be handled swiftly and decisively.

The annual Plone Conference is an opportunity for the world-wide Plone community to come together, build connections, and learn about the current state and future direction of Plone.  It also serves as the venue for the annual election of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors.  The San Francisco-based organizers are honored to have been chosen by the Plone Foundation to host the Conference in this wonderful city.