World Plone Day 3 Puts Plone on Global Display April 28th

World Plone Day will showcase Plone to the world through more than 40 events being held around the globe on April 28th.

The Plone Content Management System will take the world stage on Wednesday, April 28 at more than forty events put on by organizations around the globe. Now in its third year, World Plone Day is a chance for the global Plone community to showcase their software of choice to potential users at events from San Paulo to the Ukraine and Tokyo to Turin. The events will be held at universities, developers, software integrators, user groups, and government organizations - all key players in the community of developers and users who make Plone one of the most popular open source software initiatives on the planet.

This year's WPD is the largest in the event's history. For a full list of events and locations, visit this address -

Plone is a free and open source Internet publishing system that combines web content management, social software, collaboration, and enterprise portal features. Plone has replaced products like SharePoint, Red Dot and Vignette for department intranets, document management systems, and public websites. Organizations as diverse as NASA, Oxfam, Amnesty International, Nokia, eBay, Novell, the State Universities of Pennsylvania, Washington and Utah, as well as the Brazilian, EU and New Zealand governments — all use Plone.

"World Plone Day is a very concrete example of the strengh, diversity and global presence of Plone Community," said Roberto Allende, who came up with the concept behind the event in 2006.

The events are organized to "follow the sun" in each of the host countries, and will include seminars, training sessions, and meet-ups to show potential users the power of Plone technology and the many markets who are currently using it.

Thousands of websites across large and small businesses, education, government, non-profits, sciences, media and publishing are using Plone to solve their content management needs. Plone is supported by a global network of over 300 solution providers in more than 50 countries. You can find a list of providers and consultants - as well as more about these installations and case studies of their experiences on

With no licensing fees, Plone lets users spend their funds on customizing the software to meet their specific needs creating content, site branding and maintenance. Plone is less expensive to deploy than many web publishing systems such as Vignette, Ektron, or TeamSpace. Plone also has the best security track record of any major CMS, a major reason why many CMS users switch to Plone. Plone’s intellectual property and trademarks are protected by the non-profit Plone Foundation. This means that Plone’s future is not in the hands of any one person or company.

More information on World Plone Day 2010 and how to attend an event can be found at .

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