Subversion/Trac Maintenance Scheduled

Subversion/Trac maintenance has been scheduled for Saturday, October 16, 4:00PM - 12:00AM EDT

The machine that hosts the Plone community's software repositories (hosted by Oregon State University) will undergo system maintenance this Saturday October 16, 4:00PM - 12:00AM EDT.

During this time, it is expected that the Subversion software repositories (plone, collective, and archetypes) and corresponding Trac instances may be unavailable for several hours or more.

Other services on deus (see: for a list) may go down briefly too, while they are relocated to other hosts.

Subversion and Trac will remain on OSU's server and be reinstalled using "modern" techniques, such as mod_wsgi in place of mod_python.

No other services (e.g., will be affected.

We appreciate your patience while we improve the Plone community's infrastructure!

— The team