Plone 4 upgrade coming to

Please mark your calendars for the weekend of July 31, 2010 for a upgrade — and possible downtime.

It's that time again: There's a new release of Plone heading your way, so it's time to upgrade the web site to the latest version! We expect the upgrade to be smooth, due in no small part to the amazing efforts of the Plone Framework Team, release manager, and core developers in bringing you this impressive release. Plone 4 is the easiest major upgrade of Plone so far, and the amount of changes needed to to accommodate the upgrade were minimal. So, please bear with us this coming weekend, as we upgrade to the latest release of Plone. The work will start at 00:00 EDT on July 31st and may last all weekend. Only intermittent downtime should be expected, if any at all. — The Infrastructure Team.