Introducing's New "Downloads" Section: Comments, Ratings, Screenshots and More!'s "downloads" section has gotten a major facelift, and now includes community product ratings, comments on products, screenshots and many other improvements.

The team is proud to unveil a long-awaited overhaul to's "downloads" section which houses Plone's many add-on products.  Thanks to some fantastic work from Elizabeth Leddy, Alec Mitchell, Alex Clark and participants at the recent LA Plone Sprint

, now features:

  • Community ratings of add-on products. users can now rate add-on products, and search listings are now sortable by product ratings.  This will help users quickly find the products that the Plone community likes best.  Product authors will also benefit from the quick and easy feedback mechanism. 

  • Comments on products. now enables comments on products from logged-in users.  This enables another channel for community feedback on a product.   Please use it to review the product.   Bug reports should continue to go to the product issue trackers and support questions should generally go to the plone-users list. 

  • Screenshots with lightbox popups = a theme gallery! now displays front-and-center screenshots in product listings when the product author provides them.  Screenshots have slick lightbox-style popups which is especially useful for getting a preview of theme products.  Check out the

    resulting Plone theme gallery here.

  • Downloads organized by product, rather than by release. The downloads section is now organized by add-on product, rather than by individual product releases.  This produces much more intuitively-organized product listings, especially for products that are making frequent releases.
  • Plone version compatibility is front-and-center. Plone product listings now show Plone version compatibility right up front, this makes finding add-on products for your version of Plone quick and easy.
  • At-a-glance compatibility and status matrix for all product releases. Each product detail page now includes a new compatibility and status matrix that summarizes the status (alpha, beta, final) version compatibility and summary information for each product release.

Please take a few moments to explore the new, rate your favorite products, leave a comment or two and of course let us know if you run into any problems with the new downloads section.  Big thanks to Elizabeth, Alec, Alex, and the LA Plone Sprinters for some fantastic work that will touch everyone who uses Plone.