Call for proposals for Plone 4.1

The Plone Foundation is pleased to announce that the Plone 4.x Framework Team will, starting immediately, consider community proposals for substantive improvements to the Plone platform for the Plone 4.1 release.

With the release of Plone 4.0 imminent the Plone Framework Team is now ready to accept proposals for major improvements to Plone for inclusion in version 4.1.  While smaller changes and bug fixes are normally provided as patches or directly committed, larger pieces of work must be approved to ensure that users enjoy a smooth update experience.

The form for these proposals is called the 

Plone Improvement Proposal, or PLIP.  Changes that significantly alter backwards compatibility, visuals or APIs are too invasive for a point release, and as such will not be considered at this time.  Anyone can submit a PLIP but you should only submit a PLIP if you intend to either do the work yourself or take responsibility for finding people who will.

Plone 4.1 is the first point release of Plone 4 and is expected to be released at the start of 2011 or approximately six months after Plone 4.0 is released.  Changes that form part of Plone 4.1 should require very little or no user intervention in migration.

Submissions opened on the 16th of July, 2010, and will remain open until midnight local time on the 30th of August, 2010. The Framework Team kindly requests that all PLIPs that require architectural changes be submitted by the 9th of August 2010 to ensure there is adequate time for review, architectural PLIPs submitted after this deadline may be delayed to Plone 4.2 to ensure sufficient thought can be given to them.

If you have a feature that you're willing to take responsibility for:

Go to the PLIP template and follow the instructions there to submit a new PLIP. You need a account to do this.

If you have an idea for something that Plone should do, but can't commit resources to it:

Add your idea to the Plone section of Uservoice.

Once you finish writing your proposal, set the milestone to "4.1" so the team knows to give you feedback.  Once the submission deadline passes, the Framework Team will officially vote on the submissions and set an implementation deadline.  A feature can only be included in Plone 4.1 if both the proposal and implementation are approved by the framework team.

Important dates

  • 16th July 2010 - Proposals open

  • 9th August 2010 - Infrastructure proposal deadline

  • 30th August 2010 - Final proposal deadline