Announcing the Plone logo usage guidelines & policy

After a lot of work and a gradual introduction last year, the PloneFoundation has published the official Plone Foundation policy for usage of the Plone logo.


The Plone Foundation encourages use of the Plone logo for marketing and promotion of Plone. The Plone logo usage guidelines are your guide to correct use of the logo, so we can all work on marketing Plone without having to worry about not staying true to the brand or damaging the
trademark. We all benefit when the Plone logo and brand are used consistently. Plone's brand recognition grows and the work from community members to promote Plone will benefit the entire Plone user community.

Earlier policy has been unclear if not completely undefined. Without good guidance, many have made their own variations of the Plone logo that are not in line with these guidelines. We encourage everyone who wishes to promote Plone to put an extra effort into making sure their existing and future logo use follows these guidelines.

It is important that we, the Plone community, step up and take responsibility for this immediately now that the policy is official. As we begin enforcing the policy, we really don't want people pointing
to current non-compliant usage by "good Plone citizens" as examples showing that it doesn't matter. Several Plone organizations have already based their logo and marketing work on the draft guidelines as they were under development with great results.

We will continue to highlight good examples that the rest of the community and the world can follow — and show that members of the core community are the first to embrace the guidelines and show the way.

The official Plone logo guidelines can be found here.

Geir Bækholt
Plone Foundation board president