ZopeSkel Usability Sprint Requests Your Support

A fundable.org appeal is open for contributions to improving ZopeSkel usability for Plone themers and integrators through August 31, 2009.

Contribute to the Sprint!


Extensive study across thousands of uses of ZopeSkel at http://paster.joelburton.com has shown many people answer ZopeSkel questions incorrectly in a repeatable manner.

The No-Fun ZopeSkel BBQ Sprint will simplify ZopeSkel to make answering questions for Plone theme and integration product templates more foolproof. The sprint takes place Friday, October 2 through Monday, October 5, 2009 on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the conference rooms of the Department of Marine Sciences.


The sprinters are asking for your support to defray travel costs for just a few sprinters. Please make a small donation to the sprint's fundable.org appeal. The sprinters would much rather have many small contributions than a few large ones. This sprint is highly focused and during the sprint a simplified ZopeSkel will be released to the benefit of Plone themers and integrators.

The sprint itself is no-cost as out-of-town sprinters will be hosted by local sprinters, the sprinting space and bandwidth is donated, meals and entertainment are not provided during the sprint, and sprinters are not charged for their participation in the sprint.

The deadline for contributions to the sprint is August 31, 2009. Donors will be recognized through extensive sprint communications channels in including the syndicated sprint blog. The No-Fun ZopeSkel BBQ Sprint is organized by TriZPUG and Plonebootcamps.com. The sprint continues work started at the 2008 Plone Conference Sprint and expanded at the 2009 Plone Symposium East Sprint.