The Definitive Guide to Plone, Second Edition

A Guide for users, configuration and development, completely updated to cover the latest version of Plone and its newest features.

The Definitive Guide to Plone, Second Edition provides a complete and detailed overview of Plone. It is divided into three parts, which cover using, configuring, and developing and customizing Plone. After the coverage of Plone’s features, the case studies in the final part of the book reveal the true power of Plone. These case studies demonstrate Plone’s ability to handle all kinds of requirements, while retaining an easy–to–use interface for users. As when you’re working with Plone itself, you can choose where to start in this book and how best to apply it to your own needs.

The authors are the Redomino team and the writer of the previous edition, Andy McKay.

Who is this book for?

This book serves as both an introduction to those who have never used this powerful CMS and as a reference for those wishing to expand and deepen their knowledge of Plone–in short, all Plone users and all those who want to use an open source CMS.

The book online

There is also an online area dedicated to all those who have "The Definite Guide to Plone, Second Edition" on their shelfs or who want to discover more about the book. In this area you will find periodical updates, news practical examples and code, errata corrige, a place where to post suggestion, feedback and ask for support.
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The book will be published on April 27th 2009! Visit Apress site and buy your book.