Updates has a new home, some new features and a bright future.

The last two months have seen some big changes on, which showcases Plone consulting providers, websites, case studies and media buzz around the world. Here's a quick update:

New Hosting

As of early February 2009, has a new home. Thanks to a generous in-kind donation from Pilot Systems, is now running on its dedicated virtual server under the watchful eye of the Pilot Systems hosting team. Big thanks to David Sapiro, Gaël Le Mignot, Jérôme Petazzoni for making this happen.

Sponsor the Plone Foundation, Receiving Enhanced Listings on

Plone consulting providers can now become Plone Foundation sponsors and receive benefits that include highlighted and prioritized listings on Revenue from this program will support the Plone Foundation's ongoing work to protect and promote Plone, including the ongoing legal work to secure our trademark worldwide, marketing materials for Plone, and convening sprints and other events in support of the development of Plone 4. Sponsorships are priced according to the size of your firm, and start at USD$500/year. Already-committed sponsors include:

Fry-IT | Jarn | Liberiun Zest Software | Four Digits | Pilot Systems

Reid-McMahon, LLC | Tyrell Software Corp | Tannic | Zindep

Coming Soon!

2009 will bring further big changes to, including:

  • A new visual design, which will be based on the new look-and-feel created by Plone co-founder Alexander Limi and Iain Claridge of Netsight.
  • Upgrade to Plone 3.
  • Ongoing information architecture and code cleanups.

If you're interested in lending a hand, especially with Plone 3 features, please join the list, and then check out the issue tracker.