Plone launches user feedback system

Have a great idea for how to improve Plone? We've now got a simple new tool to suggest, discuss and vote on ideas!

Thanks to some great work by Martin "optilude" Aspeli, we've launched an "ideas" system for Plone, which allows the wider Plone user community to suggest, discuss and vote on ideas for improving Plone.

Plone users: we enthusiastically encourage you to submit ideas about how to improve Plone, and to vote on and discuss existing ideas. We can't promise that every idea will be implemented, but we will certainly use the ideas system to understand what Plone users want to see added and improved.

To submit, discuss and vote on ideas for Plone, head on over to

Plone contributors: if you're eager to make Plone better, but don't know where to start,  please check out the ideas system to find out what's most "in demand."

For more information, including some frequently asked questions about the new ideas system, and how it complements our existing PLIP (PLone Improvement Proposal) system, see our new FAQ "How to suggest a feature for Plone."