Plone feeds consolidated and updated

If you’re following Plone news, the blogs or add-on releases using an RSS reader, now’s a good time to update your feeds.

As part of the " redesign":, we have consolidated the most important feeds to the '' domain to ensure that we don’t have to change the address again in the future. If you’re keeping up to date on the happenings in Plone via a feed reader like Google Reader, NetNewsWire or similar, we recommend that you update your feed addresses to the ones below. The new feeds are, for your copy/paste enjoyment: Plone News -- Plone Releases -- Upcoming Plone Events -- Add-on product Releases -- Upcoming Plone Training -- Plone Blogs (aka Planet Plone) -- Of course, these feeds are also available from the feed icon in your browser’s address bar, if you have a reasonably modern browser. The old feeds will work for the foreseeable future, but it just takes a few seconds to switch, so we encourage you to change them right now, before you forget. You can also follow "Plone on Twitter": if you prefer that to using RSS readers.