Plone Conference 2009: Call for Session Proposals Opens July 31st

Get ready to submit session proposals for Plone Conference 2009 in Budapest! Submissions open July 31, and close September 6th.

Plone Conference 2009 session proposals will be open between July 31 - September 6, 2009.  Past conferences have always had more great session proposals than speaking slots, so start preparing your session proposal today!

Evaluation Criteria for Session Proposals

The Plone Conference 2009 Program Committee will use the following criteria to select sessions for the conference:

  • Broad relevance to Plone community (end-users, integrators & developers).
  • Demonstrations of production-ready products that solve common problems of Plone customers.
  • Case studies that showcase strategies for success with Plone that can be reproduced by  project managers and integrators.
  • Sessions that will teach Plone administrators & integrators at beginner or intermediate level the core skills necessary to succeed with Plone.
  • Sessions that will help people make the leap to being effective contributors to the Plone community.
  • Sessions that position Plone against competing systems and showcase Plone's strengths.
  • Sessions that will spark people's passion for Plone by making them feel empowered and successful.
  • Sessions that describe Plone community processes.
  • The speaker's track record of delivering well-received sessions at past Plone events.
  • Geographic, sector and gender diversity of presenters.

Sessions We'd Like to See

Lots of people ask us, "What should I talk about?"  Or they overlook "old standbys" in favor of the bleeding edge.  So if you're looking for inspiration, check out list of suggested talk topics.