Plone Conference 2009: Apply for Participation Grants!

Conditions for the Participation Grants are published on the conference website.

While Plone Conference 2009 will be extremely inexpensive for a technology conference (150 Euro for 3 days!), we recognize that cost can be a barrier to participation for some attendees, particularly people from outside North America and Western Europe.  Therefore, we're pleased to announce that, thanks to the generous support of Open Society Institute, we will be able to offer conference attendees Plone Conference 2009 Participation Grants!

Participation Grants will cover the 150 EUR conference registration fee and partially subsidize travel expenses. The grant amount depends on the geographical region of the applicant's residence. We'll be giving priority to folks from Eastern Europe, but folks from anywhere in the world are encouraged to apply!

Applications are open from July 28th and due by August 20, 2009. Don't miss the opportunity: check your eligibility on the conference website, apply for the grant, and attend the Plone Conference in Budapest for free!