Plone Conf 2009: Submit a Talk!

The talk submission process is currently under way, with around 30 talks submitted so far for the Plone Conference in Budapest this year. What better way to give back to the community than to do a talk.

One of the greatest strengths of Plone is its community, and this is at its most evident at the annual Plone Conference, and the talks given by members of the community.

Each year the talks range from highly technical talks from the Plone developers talking about what is coming up in future versions of Plone, to very non-technical case studies on how Plone is being used in various organisations.  As well as that, there are often talks on various processes and best practises in the realms of managing teams, agile development and consulting.

So what are you waiting for? Not only will you give back to the Plone community, you will gain the love, respect and beer of your peers... oh and 50% off your conference registration fee ;)

The deadline for talk submission is fast approaching, with talk submission closing on the 13th September.

To register your proposed talk, go to the Talk Proposals page:

to read about the process, and then submit your talk using the Talks Submission form: