Plone 4 Release Manager: Hanno Schlichting

The Plone Foundation has confirmed Hanno Schlichting as Release Manager for Plone 4

The Plone Foundation is proud to announce the selection of Hanno Schlichting, one of Plone's most prolific contributors, as the release manager for Plone 4. Hanno was nominated by a unanimous Plone 4 Framework Team, and confirmed to the post Thursday with an enthusiastic endorsement by the Plone Foundation Board of Directors.

Hanno, working in conjunction with the Framework Team, will make the final selections for the features and technologies that will make up Plone 4. He'll also be responsible for assembling the development and production releases for the Plone 4 series. Plone 4 is expected to bring dramatic increases in performance, easier and more versatile theming, a new rapid-development framework for custom content types, and a new engine for dynamic page-composition. All of these projects are well underway.

Hanno has worked as a project manager and developer for Jarn AS in Norway since early 2008. Before he joined Jarn he worked for eight years as a technical consultant in the German health care market and has prior experience in leading a small Internet startup.

In his private time he has been a prolific, long-term Plone core developer. He has used Plone ever since 2002 and started contributing to the German translation effort in 2003. He is currently responsible for managing the Plone bug trackers and leads the internationalization team.

Plone is a popular and versatile open-source Content Management System with particular strengths in usability, accessibility, standards conformance, highly customizable workflow, and internationalization.

The development of the Plone 4 series will run in parallel with the continued development of the Plone 3.x series. The Plone 3 Framework Team, and its release manager Wichert Akkerman, are currently at work on the upcoming Plone 3.3 release.