Plone 3.3 Released

Plone 3.3 offers several refinements, including much better facilities for building sub-sites.

Plone 3.3, the latest minor release in the Plone 3 series, is now available.

Windows, Linux and OS X installers for the new release — and instructions for upgrading existing installations — are available on the Plone download page. The documentation team has already updated the online documentation to cover new features.

Upgrades from earlier Plone 3.x installations should be simple, and add-ons should require no changes.

Highlights of the 3.3 release include the ability to localize navigation, tabs, sitemaps and searches within folders. This makes it much easier to develop autonomous sub-sites within a Plone site. The new Lineage add-on provides management facilities to exploit the new feature.

Other new features and refinements include:

  • Automatic redirection when accessing link objects;
  • Resource registry improvements that make it easier to organize IE fixes;
  • More consistent HTML that makes theming with collective.xdv or Deliverance easier;
  • Improvements to the Windows installer, so it asks for password when it doesn't have the right permissions when being run;
  • Improvements to document locking behavior and timeouts, as well as the ability to disable it entirely;
  • Fixes for Internet Explorer 8;
  • Default disabling of in-line editing, which is invaluable in some use contexts, but causes usability problems in others;
  • A new view to render calendar events using the iCalendar standard;
  • Improved access to content histories;
  • The ability to customize indexing strategies with adapters; and,
  • Auto-discovery of ZCML configuration directives for add-on products.

A list of new features along with links to full descriptions is available on the release page.

Development of Plone 3.3 was led by release manager Wichert Akkerman and the Plone 3.x Framework Team. Israel Saeta Pérez led the documentation update.