Plone 3 Theming Book Simplifies Making Plone Your Own

Plone 3 Theming book published by ONE/Northwest Web Developer, Veda Williams.

Veda Williams,  co-editor of the theming documentation section of  and web developer at Seattle's ONE/Northwest, just published Plone 3 Theming, the first in-depth guide to customizing the popular content management system.

Plone 3 Theming introduces users to the best practices in Plone theme development and covers topics such as configuring the development environment, creating a basic theme, use of add-on tools, skinning tricks, and much more. The book also introduces the concepts needed for customizing templates in Plone and provides handy tips along the way that will simplify the theming process. Finally, the book takes an informative look at the thrilling and greatly simplified future of theming Plone sites arriving with Plone 4.

This book comes hot on the heels of Practical Plone 3, a recent collaboration by nearly the entire web team from ONE/Northwest and many other prominent members of the Plone community. Williams wrote that book's chapter on customizing Plone and co-wrote the theming chapter with David Convent.

Plone 3 Theming can be downloaded as an ebook or purchased as a printed volume from the Packt website. A sample chapter can be downloaded here. Errata can be found and reported here.