ONE-Northwest: online networking for the environment with Plone

ONE/Northwest is a US non-profit supporting the environment and grass roots organizations through the use of technology. For over a decade, ONE/Northwest has helped over 800 environmental organizations fuse technology with new ways of doing their work. The organization relies intensively on open source software, for example, offering websites powered by the Content Management System Plone in order to help environmental NGOs make the leap to the Internet age.

A case study by Zea Partners based on content kindly provided by One-Northwest, April 2009.

ONE/Northwest is a non-profit organization based in Seattle, Washington, USA, that helps environmental NGOs use technology to become more effective at engaging people and decision-makers in environmental protection.  Founded in 1995,  ONE/Northwest has worked with over 800 organizations, providing a broad range of services from small office technology infrastructure to website, email and database development and has played a critical role in helping the regional environmental movement make the leap to the internet age.

ONE/Northwest has been an enthusiastic user of open-source software solutions since its inception.   "Open source platforms have allowed us to build powerful, high-quality, reliable services and projects at very reasonable costs," said Program Manager Jon Stahl.

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