New Plone Foundation Members Announced

Rob Gietema, Clayton Parker, Erik Rose, and Eric Steele are the newest members of the Plone Foundation.

The Plone Foundation Board of Directors is proud to announce that Rob Gietema, Clayton Parker, Erik Rose and Eric Steele are now members of the Plone Foundation.

Rob Gietema is one of the owners of Four Digits, a Zope developer for eight years, and a Plone core developer who has contributed the TinyMCE product for Plone, which is to be included in Plone 4, and to the Deco project, which is key technology in Plone trunk development.

Clayton Parker has been working with Plone since 2003. He’s employed by Six Feet Up, has contributed core patches and bug reports, and has made many conference and symposium presentations. He’s a co-author of “Practical Plone 3.”

Erik Rose is spokesperson for the Plone 5 Framework Team. He works at Penn State University, and was one of the organizers of the Plone Symposium East 2008 and 2009.  He maintains the popular Plone products FacultyStaffDirectory, WebServerAuth, and CustomNav. He’s contributed code to the Plone core, ArchGenXML, Archetypes, CSSManager, and Trac.

Eric Steele is the release manager for Plone 4. He also works for Penn State University, and has contributed to the Zope and Plone cores. He’s the creator of GloWorm and a contributor to a large number of other popular add-on products.

Plone Foundation members have made significant and enduring contributions to the Plone project. New members are chosen based on membership applications detailing their contributions. The applications are reviewed by the Membership Committee, which makes recommendations to the Plone Foundation board of directors.