Join World Plone Day 2009

The Plone evangelism group invites you to promote Plone by organizing an introductory talk in your town as part of World Plone Day 2009.

You can be one of the Plone users and developers around the world who will demonstrate Plone on April 22th 2009 as part of World Plone Day 2009.  World Plone Day 2009 will be the second annual World Plone Day; Word Plone Day 2008 involved more than a thousand people in 63 cities around the world.  We're counting on you to make World Plone Day 2009 even bigger and better!

Joining World Plone Day is very simple: just give a Plone introductory talk in your university, town or community and contribute to the Plone promotion. To be part of it, just add an event with your name, contact information and location on the World Plone Day 2009 page at and start to organize your local meeting.

If you need help, have any questions or are interested in joining the World Plone Day global team, please come join the Plone Evangelism Group.