Can PloneGov Still Save The World?

The 5th International Conference on Open Source Systems took place in Skövde, Sweden, from 3-6 June. During his keynote address, Brian Behlendorf, a founder of the not-for-profit Apache Software Foundation, talked about the social impact of Open Source development. Specific mention was given to PloneGov a collaborative software ecosystem, where government organizations, non-profits and the private sector work together to share the cost of enhanced capabilities.

An article by Zea Partners, June 7, 2009

At this year's conference, Brian Behlendorf was one of two keynote speakers. Brian is a founder of the not-for-profit Apache Software Foundation as well as CollabNet, the primary corporate sponsor of Subversion development. Brian's keynote address was entitled "How Open Source Can Still Save The World".

During his address, Brian gave a mention to PloneGov as a successful example of community action in local government. PloneGov was noted for its unique "bottom up" approach to tackling transparency in public sector software usage.

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