4 days left to score this year’s only North American Plone convention, cheap

Hey, North Americans! Plone Symposium East is right in your backyard in a month—and the other Plone Conference is in Budapest.

I’d like to encourage you to wait until after April 20 to register for Plone Symposium East, because, with the economy in its present state, I could really use an extra $75. With such wondrous attractions as these, don’t I deserve it?

  • Case studies and ContentMirrors
  • Viewlets and vitae (curriculum, those are)
  • Hosting in a box and hydrophones off your docks

There’ll be Plonistas a-plenty, from such diverse shops as Six Feet Up, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Jazkarta, and the University of Washington. WebLion might come, too, but we’ll try to keep them from screwing things up too badly.

So, by all means, wait until after April 20 to register, and skip the cheap $250 earlybird price. The economy needs stimulation, and I need a new 30-inch Cinema Display!

Warmest wishes for an LED-backlit tomorrow,
Erik Rose
Chief Avarice Officer