Press Release: Surviving the Global Economic Crisis - Plone Open Source Community Collaborates to Fight Back

Houston, TX, Friday October 25th — 

From big business to government agencies to non-profit organizations, no one is escaping the financial crisis engulfing the world economy. Jobs are being lost and projects put on hold as spending is reduced. IT managers are being forced to look for innovative, cost-effective solutions which deliver quality results within budget. Open source technology is increasingly satisfying these needs using collaboration between a large number of people to achieve economies of scale. More and more, business and Government are realising the immense benefits of open source solutions which include:

  • increased value for money (such as no license fees)
  • superior security
  • better quality
  • global support by a community of users and developers.

The economic crisis is a catalyst causing organizations to consider open source as an alternative and move away from propriety software for monetary reasons.  But once they discover the some of the less known advantages of open source, many of them will stay with it even when the economy turns around.

The Dutch government set a soft deadline of April 2008 for its agencies to start using open-source software. Ministry spokesman Edwin van Scherrenburg said, "The government estimates it would save $8.8 million a year on city housing registers alone after switching to the Open Document Format standard."

Plone is an enterprise content management system solution and one of the largest open source projects on the planet. The Plone community is organizing World Plone Day on 7 November. This "follow the sun" event is a global initiative involving 59 cities around the world where Plone integrators, users and developers will hold seminars, presentation and lectures about Plone and what it can do for you and your business.

For more information about the World Plone Day visit:

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