Thank you, Plone Strategic Planning Summit Donors

Thanks to the 30 organizations and individuals who contributed over $5000 to support travel scholarships for Plone Strategic Planning Summit attendees. Your work has enabled us to cover the travel costs of 11 sprint participants!

Thanks to the 30 individuals and organizations who collectively donated $5130 to the Plone Strategic Planning Summit scholarship fund, the Plone Foundation will be able to offer travel scholarships to 11 summit participants!

The Plone Foundation matched all donations up to $5000 for a total of $10130, which enabled us to fund all of the scholarship applications, and leaves us a small reserve to cover unexpected sprint expenses and/or follow-up tasks.

When we look at back at the success of the summit, one the stories we're going to tell is how important it was to have some of our key European (and east-coast Americans!) contributors in the room.  That wouldn't have been possible without your support. 

Thank you.

Scholarship recipients

Ken Wasetis, Martin Aspeli, Hanno Schlicting, Matt Bowen, Wichert Akkerman, Andrew Hatton, Andi Zeidler, Xavier Heymans, Andy McKay, Godefroid Chapelle.


CIGNEX, Alexander Pilz, John Habermann, George Bray, Christopher Johnson, Aleksandr Vladimirskiy, Boussard Youenn, Headnet, Jean-Pascal Houde, Jesse Snyder, Florian Schulze, Graham Perrin, Virginio Fanelli, Denis Mishunov, Totsie Marine, Pompilio Fanelli, Jennifer Crandall, Thomas Zeleny, Tannic Inc, Tobias Ahlers, Yves Moisan, Matthew Latterell, Jon Stahl, Patrick Shaw, William Murphy, Eric Steele, Scott Paley, Vincenzo Barone, Niels Steen Krogh.