Sprint Summary from Plone Symposium East 2008

A quick look at what sprinters accomplished before, during, and after Plone Symposium East 2008.

Several sprints were held before and after Plone Symposium East 2008 on March 8 to the 16th (with a symposium in there somewhere). Sprint topics included:

  • Documentation
  • MassDeploy
  • Theming
  • Faculty/Staff Directory (FSD)
  • FSD Bibliographies
  • Plone4Artists
  • Plumi



Members of the doc team sprinted on many different topics. We addressed the four main tasks that resulted from the Plone strategic and made plans to move forward. There was a lot of discussion on these tasks. Look for a doc team meeting online soon in the next few weeks to discuss these tasks further. Catherine Williams and Rose Pruyne worked with Anne Bowtell on the latest Plone themeing manual, which is now close to release. Wayne Glover worked on finding an easier way for the Plone doc team to update screen shots. Guy Heckman worked on buildout documentation. Marco De Vitis made great progress updating the ZPT tutorial. Catherine Williams also worked with Rob Porter and Ian Anderson to ship the newly created CSSManager with documentation.


Darryl Noye, Titus Anderson, Kurt Bendl, and Brandon Gaddie established the beginnings of a new codebase for MassDeploy and another sprint is planned in the near future.


Andy Nicholson worked on migrating Plumi.org from 2.5 to 3.1 and added blob support.


Nate Aune and Andy Nicholson also worked on Plone4Artists fww player, vpip upgrade, plone3/plone 2.5 compatible views, and updated buildout. Nate Aune also set up a streaming feed of the sprints for those who were unable to attend and will post some interviews soon.


Rob Porter and Ian Anderson worked very hard to release CSSManager and even shipped it with documentation! CSSManager automatically detects base_properties and customizes appropriately. They added a way to turn on/off css debug mode without going into the ZMI. CSSManager includes an easy ways to change the logo as well as colors.

Faculty Staff Directory & FSD Bibliography

Faculty Staff Directory got a lot of work done, including FSD Bibliographies and FSD 2.0 was released. Erik Rose and Cris Ewing turned schema extender into a movie and posted it. (settings are documented on wiki) Pdb tab completion has been figured out. Erik converted FSD person to use Zope 3 style views and viewlets. A custom viewlet manager to display classification views was also started. Cris, Mark Biggers, and Dan Timmons worked on an FSD Bibliographies extender. They added biblographic entries field to FSD person. 

A bit thank you to our hosts at PSU for your hospitality and for making all this work possible! We look forward to seeing more progress on all these projects.