Scheduled downtime

We'll upgrade over the holidays, be prepared that it can be down for certain periods between Dec 26-28.

With the holidays approaching, we thought we'd spend some of our personal downtime to improve the situation on You may have noticed availability problems recently, so we're going to upgrade the site over the holidays, sometime between Dec 26th and Dec 28th. This doesn't mean that the site will be down for three days, rather that we're giving the people working on this upgrade time to finish up whenever they have availability over the holidays. So if the web site doesn't respond in that period, grab a cup of your favorite holiday beverage, hang out with friends — or even call your mom and tell her you miss her holiday cookies. We'll be back shortly, with a faster and improved to prepare us for a spectacular 2009! Happy holidays! On behalf of the Website team, — Tarek Ziadé, Alexander Limi, Steve McMahon, Maurits van Rees and Alex Clark