Updated: Preliminary sessions for Plone Conference 2008 announced!

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A preliminary list of sessions for the Plone Conference 2008 (Oct 8-10, Washington DC, USA) has been announced! Go to the conference registration to get $50 off the registration fee and help the organizers predict demand better!

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Sessions include:

Simplifying PloneMartin Aspeli takes a look at what parts of Plone's code base and API could be simplified or unified, in order to make Plone easier to learn and work with. He will also demonstrate some state-of-the-art tools and technologies to make life easier for developers. This is an interactive session where we will welcome contributions and suggestions from the audience.Martin Aspeli is a prolific Plone contributor, regular Plone Conference speaker and the author of Professional Plone Development (Packt, 2007).
Real World Intranets with PloneReal World Intranets with PloneJoel Burton - Trainer for Plone Bootcamps, http://plonebootcamps.com.
What You Need To Know About PythonThis session teaches you what Python is and how it is used in Plone. Common Python data types, idioms, and expressions used in Plone will be coveredChris Calloway is the instructor for TriZPUG's PyCamp, a week-long Python boot camp for user groups. Chris is the application analyst for the Southeast Coastal Ocean Observing System. Chris is a member of the Plone Foundation and a facilitator for the Triangle (North Carolina) Zope and Python Users Group.
We All Stand TogetherThe hidden strength of Plone is the community that surrounds it. Learn how to be an active, contributing member of the community, no matter who you are.Cris Ewing an integrator and developer with two years experience in Plone. He has become a part of the community by participating in multiple projects with development teams worldwide. He has delivered talks at three previous Plone events, and has a strong background in education.
Plone's AnatomyDive into the bowels of Zope and Plone and discover all the answers to the developer questions you have ever had. See how all the pieces of the software stack interact with one another. What is the CMF and the ZODB? Understand how each of the deployed pieces impact one another. Learn about some APIs that you can count on and re-use instead of coding common functionality from scratch each time.Six Feet Up's Director of Engineering Calvin Hendryx-Parker has been a staple in the Plone Community for many years and is offering to give a high-level and integrated vision of the Zope and Plone stack. This will be extremely helpful to anybody new to the Plone world. An engaging and natural speaker, Hendryx-Parker will leave the audience eager to reach their computers and start hacking.
PloneGov, a collaborative e-government successAcross the world several million cities, regions or parliaments are faced with the same situations and challenges in terms of e-government. So why not unite their efforts?CEO of Zea Partners, an international network of companies involved in Plone and Zope developments, Xavier Heymans is in charge of PloneGov international activities. PloneGov, a collaborative e-government project, reaches +/-100 cities, regions or parliaments through 15 countries and 4 continents.
Reaching Deployment Nirvana Using BuildoutIn the past, deploying a Zope/Plone application was a cumbersome task wrought with peril. Buildout has ushered in a new era of repeatability and ease of use. Spending hours to get your co-workers set up with just the right set of products and python libraries has come to an end. Six Feet Up's Lead Developer Clayton Parker will show you how to use buildout from your local development instance to the full blown production server instance with one buildout.Clayton Parker started with Six Feet Up, Inc. as the Systems Administrator in charge of monitoring and backing up servers, updating operation systems and managing customers accounts. He then quickly moved on to developing custom web applications and custom content objects using Zope, Plone, Archetypes, Python, etc. He is now the technical lead on many Plone development projects and has been using Buildout for over a year. Clayton, who has many presentations under his belt, is known to leverage his hands-on experience to engage a crowd of developers eager to hear from one of their own.
Cross-Training for Your Plone DeploymentUsing a live benchmark approach, Six Feet Up's Hosting Specialist, Andrew Parker, will reveal the secrets of reaching peak performance by going through a series of steps to configure your software and your hardware.Andrew Parker has been deploying highly visible Plone websites with Six Feet Up for several years and, as such, has encountered a variety of deployment obstacles. He last shared his experience during a talk he gave at the Plone Symposium East. People who attended his presentation have described him as very thorough and detail-oriented, and felt he was a very knowledgeable presenter.
Theming a Plone 3.1 site from start to finishThis tutorial will take a Photoshop mockup of a site and turn it into a Plone 3.1 site. If there is time at the end, I will show how to make a filesystem product.Rob Porter is a member of Weblion. He teaches Plone to beginners and intermediate groups at Penn State University.

Full program details coming late July.

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