Practical Plone 3, a new Plone book for beginners: pre-order now!

The long-awaited introductory-level book for Plone 3, "Practical Plone 3," is on its way to the printers and will be hitting bookstore shelves in January.

Pre-order now, save 10% off the cover price and get free shipping at:

Practical Plone 3, like Plone itself, was a team effort, led by editors Martin Aspeli and Veda Williams. An all-star cast of Plone community members contributed chapters, including: Matt Bowen, Alex Clark, Tom Conklin, David Convent, John DeStefano, Darci Hanning, Sam Knox, Steve McMahon, Ricardo Newbery, Clayton Parker, Jon Stahl and Veda Williams.

Practical Plone 3 includes 21 chapters that cover all major aspects of installing Plone, building a site, customizing it, and putting it into production. Practical Plone 3 is one of the best starting points for people who are getting started with Plone.

Packt's also offering e-book vesions and multiple copy discounts.

Here's the complete table of contents:

Part 1 – Background

1. Introducing Plone
2. Installing Plone
3. A Brief Tour of Plone

Part 2 – I want to...

4. Create Web Pages
5. Add News Items, Events, Links, and Files
6. Structure the Content in My Site
7. Safely Manage Different Versions of Content
8. Delegate Content Management to Other People
9. Manage Approvals and Other Workflow for My Content
10. Show Additional Information to Users and Visitors
11. Automate Tasks with Content Rules
12. Control My Site's Configuration

Part 3 – Now that I've got the basics, I'd like to learn how to...

13. Set up a Repeatable Environment using Buildout
14. Find and Install Add-ons That Expand Plone Functionality
15. Build Forms
16. Create New Content Type
17. Customize Plone
18. Change the Look and Feel

Part 4 – My boss wants me to...

19. Take My Site Live
20. Make It Go Faster
21. Connect to Your LDAP/Active Directory Repository

Sound good? Pre-order the book now!

All royalties from Practical Plone 3 will benefit the Plone Foundation.

Also keep an eye out in 1Q 2009 for "Theming Plone 3" by Veda Williams and a book on Plone system administration by Alex Clark later in the year!

Happy holidays!