Plone Tune-Up Rally - Help Make Plone Even Better!

The first of a new series of developer events aimed at advancing Plone.

The Plone community invites all Plone and Python developers to join the very first "Plone Tune-Up Rally" event on Friday afternoon, July 25th, 2008. "Plone Tune-Up Rally" is an event that happens every other Friday afternoon and aims at addressing tickets in the Plone issue tracker and advancing Plone in general. This Friday's event will be hosted by the good people at "Six Feet Up":, and we encourage all developers in the Plone Community to participate and contribute as much as they want and can for a few hours each month.

The hosts will be present from 2pm-6pm (14:00-18:00) EDT, but don't let that stop you if you are in a different time zone! The current lists of tickets that need some immediate attention are:

  • "Tickets without owners":
  • "Tickets marked as being critical/blockers":
  • "Bugs specific to Internet Explorer":
  • "Tickets already assigned to you":! (if you already have some, that is ;)

The "Plone Tune-Up Day" is a great opportunity for all to work together and discuss development tricks with influential Plonistas. Come on over to #plone-tuneup on this Friday and help pump up Plone!

(If you want to use a web-based chat client, go to the "Plone chat room":/support/chat page and enter "/j plone-tuneup" to join the tune-up room once you're logged in)