Plone Conference 2009(!) Proposal Process Coming Soon!

If you've ever dreamed of hosting Plone Conference 2009, this is your "heads up" to start thinking about your proposal. We'll be announcing the call for proposals in about two weeks, and they will be due in late-October, shortly after Plone Conference 2008 wraps up.

Plone Conference 2008 is fast approaching, but it's not to soon to start thinking about Plone Conference 2009!  Taking a cue from our friends at PyCon, we're getting the Plone Conference 2009 selection process off to a much earlier start this year, in order to give prospective conference organizing teams a lot more time to put together their bids and to do all of the logistics that go into a successful conference.  In addition, starting earlier will give Plone community members more time to plan their busy calendars!

Now is a great time to start thinking about how you will organize the Best. Plone Conference. Ever! and take your place in the Plone community "Hall of Fame" alongside organizers emeritus like Alan Runyan & Enfold Systems, Robert Boulanger & Blue Dynamics, Jon Stahl & ONE/Northwest, Vincenzo Barone & Abstract Open Systems, and Alex Clark & ZPUGDC!

We're still putting the finishing touches on the call for proposals, but we wanted to get word out as soon as possible so that interested conference hosts can start thinking about their bids!

  • Plone Conference 2009 will be held between mid-September and mid-November 2009.
  • We expect to issue the formal call for hosting proposals to the Plone community on or around August 1, 2008!  
  • Plone Conference 2009 proposals will be due on or around October 24, 2008, two weeks after the end of Plone Conference 2008!
  • The location of Plone Conference 2009 will be announced on or around December 12, 2008.


More details coming soon!


-- The 2007-2008 Plone Foundation Board of Directors


Nate Aune

Geir Bækholt

Joel Burton

Alex Limi

Steve McMahon

Darci Hanning

Jon Stahl