Plone Conference 2008 Video Offerings

Tune in to watch the conference!

This year's eagerly anticipated video offerings are as follows:

  • 10 pre-selected talks will be broadcast "on demand" for the next 3 months, starting Friday October 24, 2008. They are available by clicking on the Plone logos below, or by going here: Those talks are:
    • Keynote: When Software Is a Service, Will Only Network Luddites Be Free? - Bradley M. Kuhn

    • Keynote: The state of Plone - Alexander Limi, Alan Runyan
    • The 10% manifesto and further: Methods for organized contribution to strategic development of Plone (Panel) - Geir Baekholt
    • Theming a Plone3.1 Site from Start Finish - Rob Porter

    • Plone's anatomy - Calvin Hendryx-Parker

    • NASA Science: The science mission directorate's makeover - Katie Cunningham
    • Simplifying Plone -

      Martin Aspeli

    • What makes a great development team - Mike Robinson

    • PloneFormGen: Past, present, future - Steve McMahon
    • Delivering egg-based applications with zc.buildout, using a distributed model - Tarek Ziadé

  • Video of all the conference sessions will be uploaded to within 3 months.


We hope you enjoy them!

Alex Clark – Conference Organizer

Matt Bowen – Program Director