Plone Conference 2008 Sessions Announced!

Plone Conference 2008 will feature over 50 talks, tutorials and panels for Plone beginners, integrators, and developers. The full list of sessions is now available!

The full list of Plone Conference 2008 sessions was announced on August 4, featuring over 50 talks, tutorials and panel sessions for Plone beginners, integrators, and developers.

Some of the highlights include:

For beginners

  • Chris Calloway - What You Need To Know About Python
  • Calvin Hendryx-Parker - Plone's Anatomy
  • Rob Porter - Theming a Plone 3.1 site from start to finish
  • Maarten Kling - How to build a Plone site in 1 hour!
  • Matt Lee -  Plone as a campaigns management platform
  • Sally Kleinfeldt - Running a Small Business with Plone
  • Niels Steen Krogh - Plone in Healthcare
  • Ken Wasetis - Why Plone Works Well for Large Government Agencies
  • Katie Cunningham - NASAScience: the Science Mission Directorate's Makeover

For integrators

  • Ian Bicking - Using Deliverance to Theme a Website
  • Steve McMahon - PloneFormGen: Past, Present and Future
  • Joel Burton - Real World Intranets
  • David Bain - A Simple Plone Setup on Amazon EC2 and S3

For developers

  • Martin Aspeli - Simplifying Plone
  • Tarek Ziadé - Delivering egg-based applications with zc.buildout, using a distributed model
  • Kapil Thangavelu - Content Mirror and Relational Databases
  • Hanno Schlichting - Internationalization for add-on developers

Early bird registration ends August 8.

You can register now at:

See you in DC!