Plone 4 Framework Team Announced

David Glick, Calvin Hendryx-Parker, Martijn Pieters, Ross Patterson, Erik Rose, Laurence Rowe and Matthew Wilkes have been chosen for the Plone 4 Framework Team.

The Plone Foundation proudly announces the members of the newly formed Plone 4 Framework Team:

David Glick is a web developer for ONE/Northwest, a Seattle-based consultancy that delivers tools and strategies for engaging people in protecting the environment.  He has been contributing to Plone add-on products and the Plone core for the past year, and is currently helping to build Dexterity, a tool for creating content types through the web.

Calvin Hendryx-Parker is co-founder and Director of Engineering for Six Feet Up, a CMS consulting company headquartered in the Indianapolis, Indiana. Calvin specializes in implementing Zope and Plone systems and has spoken frequently at symposia and conferences on Plone architecture and implementation.

Martijn Pieters is Senior Software Developer at Jarn, a longtime Plone consultancy. He's been developing with and for Plone, Zope and Python since 1999. He has been involved with core development on the whole stack, from ZPT and ZODB via CMF to Plone itself.

Ross Patterson is an independent Plone developer and consultant in California.  He's been developing with Zope and Plone for 9 years making contributions to various parts of the stack but mostly contributing add-ons and utilities.

Erik Rose is a core developer at WebLion, Penn State University's internal Plone consultancy. He has written several popular Plone products—including FacultyStaffDirectory, WebServerAuth, and CustomNav—and spoken at Plone conferences about security, software architecture, and documentation.

Laurence Rowe works as a Software Developer for Jarn AS, Norway. He's been consulting with Plone for 4 years, mostly focused around Systems Integration.

Matthew Wilkes is a Plone developer based in Bristol, in south-west England. As well as working a 3 day week at Team Rubber, he works as a freelance consult as Circular Triangle and spends the rest of his time reading German at Bristol University.

The new framework team was selected unanimously by a panel of current and past framework team members.

The job of the Plone 4 Framework Team is to evaluate, recommend, test and accept Plone Improvement Proposals (PLIPs) for version 4.0 of Plone, a versatile and popular open-source Content Management System based on Python and Zope. They'll be working alongside the Plone 3 Framework Team, which will continue to incrementally develop the Plone 3.x series.