Help improve Plone in your language!

Plone is already translated into several languages, but we can always do better. Especially if you speak Thai, Russian, Korean, Tagalog or Hindi, we need your help!

First impressions count, and one of the things that Plone wants to have is high-quality translations for most of the languages spoken on planet Earth. As you already know, Plone has always been leading in support for internationalization and translation — but it can always get better.

With the recent Plone 3.x releases, we reduced the number of strings that need to be translated, and the total count is now 2096 strings. What this means for you is that it's a perfect time to start that translation effort in one of the missing languages, as there's much less work involved than there used to be.

By translating the languages listed in Tier 1 & 2 below, we will cover 99% of the world's internet-connected population. Of course, we want to see the Tier 3 languages too, so if you speak any of the below languages, sign up as a translator, or help out with making the existing translations better.

Here are the current translations, and their current state — see below for how you can help out:

TranslatedTier 1
100%English (en)
100%French (fr)
96%Italian (it)
100%German (de)
100%Spanish (es)
100%Dutch (nl)
85%Chinese (China) (zh-cn)
85%Chinese (Taiwan) (zh-tw)
100%Japanese (ja)
21%Korean (ko)
96%Portuguese (Brazil) (pt-br)
57%Russian (ru)
97%Polish (pl)
100%Turkish (tr)
0%Thai (th)
100%Arabic (ar)
TranslatedTier 2
93%Swedish (sv)
96%Finnish (fi)
98%Danish (da)
100%Portuguese (pt)
46%Romanian (ro)
86%Hungarian (hu)
89%Hebrew (he)
6%Indonesian (id)
100%Czech (cs)
69%Greek (el)
60%Norwegian (no)
100%Vietnamese (vi)
60%Bulgarian (bg)
21%Croatian (hr)
96%Lithuanian (lt)
98%Slovak (sk)
0%Tagalog (tl)
100%Slovenian (sl)
67%Serbian (sr)
97%Catalan (ca)
67%Latvian (lv)
91%Ukrainian (uk)
17%Hindi (hi)
TranslatedTier 3
54%Afrikaans (af)
7%Albanian (sq)
21%Armenian (hy)
100%Basque (eu)
20%Bengali (bn)
55%Burmese (my)
46%Chinese (Hongkong) (zh-hk)
80%Esperanto (eo)
52%Estonian (et)
53%Furlan (fu)
45%Georgian (ka)
48%Kannada (kn)
22%Nynorsk (nn)
56%Persian (fa)
20%Tamil (ta)
20%Telugu (te)
54%Welsh (cy)

 So, how do you help out? It's easy:

  1. Locate your language in the table,
  2. Read the translator guidelines,
  3. Introduce yourself to the Internationalization list/forum — they will help you if you have any questions.

Thanks for making Plone look better in your language!

Respect to Hanno Schlichting from Jarn for creating the script that compiles the translation statistics.